We wanted to create an app where you could vocally unpack and digitally compartmentalize your thoughts.


What it does

Thought Box categorizes your vocalization by emotion and then the Echo asks if you want your thought "boxed" or "deleted".


How we built it

We used Amazon Alexa Intents and Utterances.


Challenges we ran into

Our team did not possess programming skills, none of us are computer science majors. We had a lot to learn.


Accomplishments that we're proud of

By showing up, being ready to learn, and talking with a LOT of mentors here, we developed a plan to build a prototype of an app. 


What we learned

A LOT! Our biggest takeaway was learning about so many of the tools, resources, and platforms that are available for use.


What's next for Thought Box

Our team wants to continue learning so that we can further develop this idea!


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